Let’s start with the end –Starbucks (by Pearl: “The Adventures of an American Academic in Paris”)

Une Tasse de Café à Paris

{nous avons cité ce Blog back in 2010}

Today, I had to fill about 45 minutes prior to a dentist’s appointment; for once, I was a bit early and he was running late, so I went around the corner to a nearby Starbuck’s to kill time with a grande drip.

See how quickly I have fallen back into “Starbuck speak”?

After I got my coffee, doctored it up, and sat with a book to read, I found myself instead watching the interplay within the shop. And I started to consider how this American cafe was different from a Paris cafe–as it obviously is–and what the geography and semantics of the shop demonstrated.

My first thought is that Starbucks (and much of modern consumer culture) owes a debt to the Romans, which it is probably unaware of. The Romans (as far as…

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