Onward and Starbucks –( and the “Third Place ” or great good place…)


we shall continue to discuss


–Mr Schultz’ s book

and Starbucks in the same –coffee– spirit. And, let’s make one thing clear: it’s everybody’right to think there is a “great starbucks coffee experience”, etc, as it is mine to think their coffee does not meet expectations. Also, in the same approach, we shall discuss the great myths: ben and jerry’s, and such- as it seems to us that both companies here join a mission, beyond coffee or ice cream.*

And, one small detail: there is a reference in the book to the ‘Third place’ also called the great, good place. If my memory serves me right, credit should be given to Ray Oldenburg and his book for this one:


and I am not sure that Starbucks is what R. Oldenburg had in mind …


* we remind our readers that our Blogs

from France ( ‘Rip van Winkle’) to Coffee – via Fukushima.

are mostly informational: those are Blogs of quotations, citations, compilations

” bloc-notes “, to use the French word; drafts, in one word.


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